Patrick & Margaret
Sep 25, 2:30 PM
Villa del Sol d'Oro

Believe it or not, these two lovebirds met through the break dancing scene in 2006. Patrick and Margaret fell for each other fast. From there they started their journey through the maze of life, helping each other grow every step of the way. At some points they tried figuring out this maze on their own, but eventually found that they were always better together.  Because of this, they've decided to team up until the very end.



Hope you are safe and doing well. Due to the circumstances of the Covid-19 situation we must cancel our ceremony and reception on October 10, 2020. We will however, be rescheduling to September 25th, 2021. Please take a moment to RSVP on this website to receive email updates in case there are any additional changes during these uncertain times. Hopefully this doesn’t inconvenience you too much, but it is what we must do to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for understanding.

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